Guild Principles

All for One and One for All

We are all in this together, this is not a guild to enrich the few or inflate one’s ego. We share not only resources and knowledge, but camaraderie and ideals. We will not turn away anyone that is interested in joining the Citadel and embracing our principles; we will find a way for everyone to help the guild achieve its goals no matter your play style. We only require that you always represent Corvus Citadel in the best light and that you help the Citadel achieve its goals, whether through PvP, gathering, crafting, or logistics.

Scientia est Potentia

Knowledge is power. We strive to learn the ins and outs of Crowfall and to discover the unknown, but most importantly we share that knowledge. We are ever willing to embrace change as necessary to succeed in our goals.

Don’t be a Dick

This is not a place for anger and shit talking, while we don’t mind jests in good faith amongst friends, we will not tolerate stoking of public animosity or toxicity. Treat your fellow players with respect, whether friend or foe.