Guild Commissions

Commissions are presented from the guild's point of view, these are roles or jobs the guild needs to be filled to achieve our goals. As time goes on the numbers of each and even the commissions themselves may change. Therefore commissions should be considered transient, they may be granted and revoked for various reasons. Commissions are restricted to members at the rank of Crowguard and they may nominate themselves for an open commission, all commissions are granted by the relevant Seeker or the Corax Council.


Combat commission for those willing to flex their class/roles due to changing meta and guild composition. Access to Vanguard only channels (both voice and text) in Discord for organization and build discussion. This flexiblity grants them priority on Combat Gear.

Expectations: Maintain at least two designated roles for maximum flexibility, regularly attend large group operations, and swap classes/roles as needed due to changing meta.


High yield gatherers with passive training focused in gathering specific areas. Access to gathering only channels (both voice and text) in Discord. Their requests for high end gatherer armor sets and top end tools have priority.

Expectations: Will prioritize meeting the guild's resource needs outside of official operations. Primaries should expect to average playing every other day or so while Secondaries may have a less reliable or limited schedule.


Official crafter for the guild that meets our minimum crafting requirements. Will be supplied with guild mats and can request components from other crafters to fulfill gear requests. Access to crafting only channels (both voice and text) in Discord. Has priority for crafting related gear requests.

Expectations: Will prioritize working down the guild crafting queue over other activities aside from official operations when playing. Primaries should plan to be available at least every other day, while Secondaries may have a less reliable or limited schedule.