Guild Ranks

We have a shallow ranking system that indicates gear priority and level of trust. Further guild role specific needs are covered by commissions.


New members of the Citadel that have shown an interest in joining us and accepted our rules and regulations. Lowest gear priority.


Has been a part of Corvus Citadel for at least 30 days and has shown regular activity throughout that period. Has ranked at least one vessel to level 30. Strives to embody the Citadel’s core principles. Gear priority over Recruits.


Officer rank. Requires at least 6 months of consistent activity, they are expected to exemplify the Citadel’s core principles, and they must receive a special nomination by a member of the Corax Council and be confirmed by the majority of the Council. Seekers are entrusted with officer level responsibilities and they report directly to the Corax Council. Same gear priority level as Crowguard unless they hold a general commission.

Corax Council

Highest level of leadership in the Citadel. They set guild policy, moderate discord, handle any administrative tasks, and lead in-game efforts. Additionally, they or someone they assign will be responsible for diplomatic relations with other guilds. They’re all equal in authority and final decisions are made via their consensus. Same gear priority as Crowguard unless they hold a general commission. Current members: Duffy, Grimmel, Dreggo, Finn, and Thimble. Additional members may be added via the Council’s unanimous agreement.